Had a roof installed recently. Shingles misaligned, vents installed improperly, leaks, etc. N. E. Time Home Inspections came out to my home did a thorough visual roof inspection inside and out with photos. The inspector, Mr. Pedretti was professional and respectful of my home during the process of inspection. I was able to forward the report to the roofer. The roofer released me from payment and I was able to move forward with another roofing company replacing the incorrectly installed roof. The inspection report saved me several thousand dollars. Thanks again, N. E. Time Home Inspections.

Always Cyndi

Mr Robert Pedretti was very professional, excellent attention to detail, and open to discussing findings with us in a confident manner.

Pradeep Kripalani

Got our new home purchase inspected by Bob. I HIGHLY recommend utilizing his immense knowledge and skills. He was not only kind and patient with my many questions but he took the time to ensure he evaluated every detail of the home. He was extremely thorough and took more pictures then I thought humanly possible. I could not recommend a better man for the job then Bob!

Lisa Marie Franklin

Bob is very experienced in home construction and treated us as though we were family, giving us an honest opinion and sharing his genuine concerns with us. We totally appreciate the extremely thorough written report and would not hesitate to recommend his company!

Maryanne Wisniewski

Love Bob, very sweet and friendly, and very professional!!!

Corinne O'Connor

Bob was very thorough and answered all my questions. Very friendly and pleasant to deal with...a real Professional . Knows his stuff. He did a great job.

Gayle Bohr

Great personality, answered all my questions
Highly-qualified and recommend

Angela Dellapi