Looking to Seal Off Your Damp Basement?

Arrange for a moisture and fungi inspection service in Coram or Massapequa, NY

If you want to keep water out of your basement, it's important to locate potential access points. But that can be hard to do without professional assistance. You can get the help you need by turning to N.E. Time Home Inspections. We provide moisture intrusion inspections in Coram, Massapequa, NY and surrounding areas.

Our home inspector can pinpoint small and large problem areas in your basement. With our full assessment, you can have the information needed to take the next steps in your project.

Call us today to get a moisture intrusion inspection.

Protect your property from fungi

Because your basement is low to the ground and dark and humid, it can cause fungi to spread quickly. If you want to safeguard your basement from harmful fungi, look to N.E. Time Home Inspections for help. We provide moisture and fungi inspection services in Coram & Massapequa, NY.

It's important to combat fungal growth because fungi can:

  • Stain your surfaces
  • Damage your basement
  • Cause health problems
  • Leave unpleasant odors
Get to the bottom of your infestation. Contact us right away to schedule moisture or fungi inspection services.